Affiliate Links Policy

From time to time we will post links for you to buy products from external online retailers. If you choose to click the links, the URL will contain a small code that identifies links from our website, and that signal the retailers to send our company a small percentage of the money you spend on the external online retailer sites. This does not mean that we are endorsing the products you purchased from the external online retailers, and encouraging you to buy the products from the external online retailers. Our affiliate program functions completely independently of the posts featured in our site.

Affiliate links have been a common practice in online publishing, and they offer means of paying for the posts featured in our site. However, if you object to this process, we’ll help you opt out. Here’s how to remove an affiliate code from a URL:

Right click on the link that you intend to click, and select “Copy Link Location”.



Paste the link in your browser’s URL field. Then highlight and delete the Affiliate ID in the URL.


From this:


To this:


You are done!