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3 ways to use MS Excel and help you be more efficient in your daily tasks – the Basic

3 ways to use MS Excel and help you be more efficient in your daily tasks – the Basic

MS Excel is the commonly used spreadsheet tool in the world today.

Here, I list 3 common MS Excel features that you can use and help you be more efficient in your daily tasks:

Managing Rows and Columns in MS Excel

  • 1. Open an existing MS Excel worksheet, if you do not have one, please click here and create a new MS Excel worksheet and copy the contents provided as in Table A.
  • 2. You can adjust the column width and row height by positioning the mouse over the column/row line in the column/row heading so that the white cross becomes a double arrow. Then click and drag the column/row to the right to increase the column width or downwards to increase the row height, or to the left to decrease the column width or upwards to decrease the row height. Release the mouse and the column width or row height will be changed in our worksheet. In my class, I’ll share other technique to adjust the column widths and row heights. Click here to register your interest.
  • 3. Inserting New Row –> Place your cursor at the row below where we want the new row to appear. For example, in the Table below, we want to add a new row in between row 6 and 7.
  • 4. Select the Insert command from the Home tab and the new row will appear in between row 6 and 7.
  • 5. To Delete Row –> Place your cursor at the row you want to delete. Select the Delete command from the Home tab, and the row will be deleted.

Formatting Cell – One of the powerful feature in MS Excel

Master this feature and you can easily handle your MS Excel. How to?

  • 1. Click on Format button on the Home button and choose Format Cells.
  • 2. Familiarise yourself with each Tabs in the Format Cells box.
  • 3. This is the summary of each Tab functions:
Number In this tab, we can apply different number formats without changing the number itself. A number format does not affect the actual value that Excel uses for calculations. The actual value is still displayed in the Formula Bar
Alignment In this tab, we can set how the cells will be aligned vertically, horizontally or even diagonally. We can also set the indentation within cells and also to merge or wrap text within cells
Font In this tab, we can choose what font to use, the font size, the font style, the font colour or some additional text effects like strikethrough
Border In this tab, we can set the border formatting options for a single cell or multiple cells or table
Fill In this tab, we can set the background colour for a single cell or multiple cells or table
Protection In this tab, we can set the option to protect the cells or hide the formula used in the cells we selected. Please take note, that any options that we choose in this tab will not function until we protect the worksheet (Review Tab, Changes Group, Protect Sheet button)


For more in-depth about Format Cells, please click here to register your interest to attend my class.

MS Excel is mostly about calculation

Do this exercise:

* The above exercise is an excerpt from what I share in my class. Do the above and you will understand the very basic function of MS Excel.


Every month I do conduct training sessions on various training topics including MS Excel. These sessions are limited to 10 pax per topic. Please click here to register your interest.

Note: If you do not having any MS Excel worksheet, I recommend you to create the following worksheet in a new MS Excel workbook.

Table A – Famous Places visited by My Friends




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