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Launching The #UnitTrustDIY Campaign

Launching The #UnitTrustDIY Campaign

“Every important asset class has a known, factual history of performance. Each one also has a future, which cannot be known” – Paul A. Merriman via RetireMentors | MarketWatch

I am a Unit Trust investor. I believe Unit Trust is one of the important tool that I can use to help me realise my life objectives. I have seen how well Unit Trust funds that I have invested in grew in long term period.

Disclaimer that you need to know: Past performance does not indicate future results. You are advised to read the prospectuses or fund fact sheets before investing.

In the beginning, just like many people, I registered a Unit Trust account because I was helping a friend, and that friend keep pestering me to open up an account. After few years, I registered myself as a Unit Trust Consultant (UTC) with a company that is allowed to promote only its own brand. The only thing that I regretted back then, was I joined a sales-based agency and I am unable to learn the fundamental or the right way to invest in Unit Trust. As a technical-based salesperson, I am unable to promote the rights funds because lacking of knowledge and confidence.

I am now a registered consultant with Phillip Mutual Berhad via One Solution Advisor agency. I learned a lot about the fundamental of unit trust and investment and also the right way to invest in Unit Trust via One Solution Advisor. I now know that I have made the right move and now I am extending the knowledge that I gained and want to share what I know through a campaign that I am naming it as #UnitTrustDIY. <– this link opens Facebook on another tab/window and shows the result of #UnitTrustDIY

Why do I start this campaign?

  • To help as many people possible, especially Malaysians to have adequate knowledge to start investing and managing own Unit Trust investments. In the current market scenario, a lot of unit trust investors rely too much on their agents or consultants giving information on where to invest and how well their current investments are performing. I want to help both consultants and investors to know the crucial information i.e.
    • The basics of regulated investment and the unit trust industry in Malaysia
    • Things that most consultants will not tell or forgot to tell – the charges, the risks, the horizon and the redemption process
    • Types of asset classes and how relevant these asset classes are to us as investors
    • The basics on how to read the Prospectuses, Fund Fact Sheets and Unit Trust statements
    • The basics on how to monitor your Unit Trust investments via Lipper pull-out from The Edge newspaper, Novagni via EPF Portal, Bloomberg phone or tab application, or via Morningstar web portal. The instruments that I listed here are all third party non-biased instruments that are not representing any of the Unit Trust companies in Malaysia.
    • The Next Steps – how to start investing with minimal or zero charges
  • To serve my clients better – the investors

How to get involve with this campaign?

Click the banner link below and fill up the online form.









Why your office should invite me for this talk on #UnitTrustDIY?

i- Very minimal charge to suit your department’s training budget. Talk to us for CSR arrangements

ii- Customised module to fit your company’s vision and objectives

iii- To help your department to achieve your training KPI

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