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What are the 10 questions to ask when investing in Unit Trusts in Malaysia?

What are the 10 questions to ask when investing in Unit Trusts in Malaysia?

If you are a Unit Trust investor, you should be able to answer the following questions. Please take your time and reflect.

  • Do you know the Fund(s) Name?
  • What are the performance of your Unit Trust investment last year, 3 years before and 5 years before?
  • How is the Unit Trust Fund Performance from the first day you invest? Do you understand the investment statements that you are getting from the Fund House that you invest with?
  • Are the Fund(s) that you invest in always above the benchmark set for that fund(s)?
  • Are the Fund(s) that you invest in always higher than what our provident fund is giving?
  • Do you know the current performance of your Fund(s)?
  • Do your fund(s) have the potential to go upwards during Market Uptrend?
  • Do you know your Fund(s) Quality as reported by Lipper, Morningstar and Novagni? Are your fund(s) one of the listed as best funds?
  • How well-verse are you about your risk acceptance level towards losses and know the Fund(s) that you invest in meet your risk tolerance level?
  • Are you confident that the Fund(s) you choose will help you achieve your Financial/Investment Goals or Objectives?

Credit: Rosyaidi Radzi’s Unit Trust Malaysia

If you are unable to answer most of the above questions, please check with your Unit Trust Consultant/Financial Consultant. And, If you are still unhappy with the answers given to you, please do come back to me so that I can help review your Unit Trust investments.

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