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What is Quora and how Quora can help us to position ourselves to be an industry expert?

What is Quora and how Quora can help us to position ourselves to be an industry expert?

Quora is a question-and-answer site where questions are asked, answered, edited and organized by its community of users. There are all sorts of questions and answers we can get by browsing through Quora. Quora is community-centric, where users will give their votes to any answers given to any questions posted on Quora.

Good answers are upvoted and downvoted.

Reasons to use Quora:

a) Quora is indexed by Search Engine, which will help us in our SEO ranking.

b) Content Research. Some answers given in Quora are worthwhile to look at. Answers with high upvotes are typically the answers that we are looking for when researching a topic.

c) Knowing the latest industry trends and competitors. Follow the leaders in our industry, learn up how the experts answer the questions given to them. Be in the know on what other players in our industry handling their businesses via their answers, related etc

d) Networking. Since Quora is community-centric, the chance for you to meet other community members is high when you start being active on Quora. Do test it out.

e) Helping writers with ideas. There are times as a writer, we need to have ideas. From Quora, ‘writers block’ issue may not be a problem for us any more. Browse Quora topics to get ideas.

f) Proving your worthiness. Quora community members if they are following the topics where you post your questions or answers, will be able to see how worthy you are when using Quora. This is more of knowing who you are and how you handle your questions, answers etc

g) There are some articles in Forbes are based on Quora question. Check it out.

Note: Currently Quora only moderates English contents, other languages are not entertained.

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An example of what I have answered on Quora:

Q: What are some ways to compare unit trusts and what is the importance of doing so?

First, understand what are unit trust and unit trust funds. Know the objectives of each components in a unit trust investment.

Know your financial objectives and assess your risk appetites. Know the basics and learn up the materials about unit trust investing. Unit trust funds will incur some charges when you invest – initial sales charge, annual and/or exit fees.

There are plenty of websites that can help you with the basics of unit trust investing i.e. Investopedia, iMoney, individual Fund Houses’ websites that promote Unit Trust Investments

Before you invest you should read the Prospectuses/Product Highlight Sheets/Fund Fact Sheets to understand each unit trust fund objectives and features. Unit trust funds are classified into different asset classes i.e. equities, bonds, money market

How can we monitor and compare unit trust funds?

There are plenty of monitoring tools that you can use to monitor your unit trust funds performance i.e. Lipper Web, Morningstar, Fundsupermart, eUnitTrust or via the monitoring system and/or statements given by the Fund House that you use to select and invest in the unit trust funds.

Why we should monitor our unit trust fund investments?

To make sure we can set a strategy for our next move to take if lets say the fund that we invest in, gains or loses above or below our desired returns benchmark – to switch, to add more or do nothing

Please do understand that there are some strategies you can use when investing in unit trust funds. One of the common strategy that unit trust investors use is to set the time horizon for the investment from medium to long term.

Tip: Don’t just look at short-term gains or losses of a unit trust fund. Fund Managers that manage the unit trust investments for us is also an important factor when considering a unit trust fund.


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