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10 Reasons Why We Should Have A Website

10 Reasons Why We Should Have A Website

It’s all back to our objectives on owning a website. These are the most common objectives to have websites:

– To broadcast announcements and news

– To provide e-brochures and/or e-portfolio about us and/or our company

– To involve in e-Commerce – for selling, booking or bidding

– For market research, demographic analysis – it’s all about big data

– To improve communication with existing and new customers

– To provide problem solving for our audience via Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and/or forums

– For brand positioning, involves good SEO practice

– Global reach 24/7 anywhere and anytime


The 10 compelling reasons for you to have a website:

1. To create online presence. The more mentions about your website, the more likely your website will get more hits, hence your rank in search engine results will go higher

2. We can use the website as a marketing tool to spread the latest information and announcements via our website

3. Customers and prospects can view and and get information about us 24/7, not just during business hours

4. We can use the website as a platform to generate more leads to our business, as long as we configure and plan the website with ease-of-use features and informative

5. If our competitors do not have websites, we will get the leads from the web, but if they do, we will be able to compete healthily by having the most appealing website presentation, regardless of our competitors’ company size

6. Able to get almost real-time customer feedback. We can setup questionnaires to get instant feedback from our website visitors. Almost all our website visitors are our potential prospects – learn up about inbound marketing

7. To make income. With the booming e-commerce and mobile first industry, everyone is jumping into the craze by doing online shopping. Take advantage of making the website commerce-ready and mobile-friendly

8. It’s about having a credibility. It does not look good when you do business dealings and using free website without using domains that can be associated to your company name or company’s business nature. Business email communications that are using free emails are not considered as credible. It is always a good practice to use your company’s identity for business email address.

9. For some countries, corporations that have websites are considered legit corporations.

10. One way to save the earth, websites are classified as ‘recyclable’ resource. Businesses can reduce use of printed information and advertising, in turn conversing the energy and resources it takes to print those materials – CSR

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