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Know Your Why? Why do business.

Know Your Why? Why do business.

These are lists of potential whys on running a business. Know your why and you will just succeed in your ventures. Have a very strong why.

a) The main objective for most business owners is to make more money. This is the most obvious reason for most people.

b) To overcome layoffs. In bad economic situation, there are many big and small firms are downsizing their workforce, worst case scenario – the firm stops its operations. It is unfortunate when we as an employee of a firm being laid off due to foreseen and unforeseen circumstances. When this happens, we get to see Accidental Entrepreneurs in the making.

c) Most entrepreneurs are born to be problem solvers. Their mission is to complete the incompleteness of an existing product, service or a solution. These business owners help shape a better future, for most cases.

d) Flexible schedule. The business owners are able to set a working schedule based on project needs. DISCIPLINE is the most important thing to remember when working on a flexible schedule.

e) To be able to spend more time with the family. Some parent entrepreneurs would want to have the chance to have more time to spend with the children and the family.

f) Tax Benefits. Do check with your Inland Revenue Board (IRB) officers about the tax benefits between an employee and as a Businessperson.

g) To be able to change the world and set a legacy – to leave a mark or a legacy for the future generation to see and/or hold. Some entrepreneurs will go for making the world a better place.

h) To create jobs – The chance of having the satisfaction in helping others to have a job and a steady income.

i) To stop ideas from being stolen. Please do check with the local Intellectual Property officers to find out ways to protect ideas from being stolen.

j) Joining the wave of the future. Technology keeps updating yearly. If we do not catch up with newer methods of doing business, we may get left behind, thus losing market share.

k) Networking – The chance to network with all levels of customers and partners

l) To copy other successful people. This method has been proven successful in many business areas.


Source – www.facebook.com/IamYourConsultant

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