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Why do I choose to invest in Unit Trust via Phillip Mutual Berhad?

Why do I choose to invest in Unit Trust via Phillip Mutual Berhad?

I am a Unit Trust investor. Before investing in Unit Trust, investors are advised to know the whats and the hows of an investment scheme. I have studied thoroughly before investing in the funds that I choose to invest in.

The reasons why I choose Phillip Mutual Berhad’s platform for my unit trust investment:

a) Just like any other famous Single Fund House Platforms, Phillip Mutual allows its qualified investors to boost their retirement savings by withdrawing allowed amounts from their EPF Account 1. Please refer to the EPF’s Basic Savings Table page by clicking here. I have already used my EPF Account 1 to help boost my retirement savings by investing in unit trust funds from the Fund Houses that I can opt from Phillip Mutual’s platform.

b) Phillip Mutual uses Many Fund Houses in One Single Platform. Phillip Mutual allows investors like me to access close to 400 unit trust funds from 27 Unit Trust Management Companies (UTMC) or we normally refer these companies as Fund Houses. By investing via Phillip Mutual, I can create a Unit Trust investment portfolio not just from many sectors from one single company, but I am also able to truly create a portfolio that consists of less popular but top performing funds. This is also considered as Single Point Investment Platform, so we do not need to open accounts in 27 different Fund Houses just to invest in Unit Trust.

c) By choosing Phillip Mutual, I am able to switch my cash-based Unit Trust investments from one Fund House to another without much hassle. For a standard fund switching procedure, as investors we are charged with switching fees. For Phillip Mutual, the investors are imposed with a very minimal charge depending on which asset classes that we plan to switch from is at.

d) I can transfer my Unit Trust investments from another Fund House that promotes only its own funds at zero or very minimal charge. Therefore I am able to ensure my Unit Trust investments make profit faster without waiting for the potential profits to cover the initial sales charge. – Phillip Mutual says this benefit is a limited time promotion, please check before you start investing.

e) I can monitor my Unit Trust investment funds via my PC or my mobile application. It is called FAME – Financial Access Made Easy. I can get my investment summary, able to review and monitor my investment portfolio in one single screen even though my investments are invested even in 12 different Fund Houses. I also get access to market and fund information updates, particularly the funds that I am investing at and intend to invest in.

f) I still get Transaction Statements from individual Fund Houses as well as Single Consolidated Transaction Statement from Phillip Mutual. Easy for filing.

g) Do you know that Phillip Mutual allows its investors to invest not just in one currency, which is Ringgit Malaysia (MYR), but also in other dominant currencies. Currencies accepted include US Dollars (USD), Singapore Dollars (SGD), Japanese Yen (JPY) and Australian Dollars (AUD). In other words we can grow our investments in other currencies via this platform. Please read the prospectuses before investing to see which funds allow the investors to invest in other currencies.

h) As a Unit Trust investor – we do not have to declare our income distribution when we file for our tax returns, because the Fund Houses already calculated and paid for our taxes – unlike shares dividends, fixed deposits, property-related income and other legit financial instruments. It is a good practice to always file our Unit Trust investment statements for record purposes.

Who is Phillip Mutual Berhad?

Phillip Mutual Berhad is a Unit Trust Fund House and is licensed by the SC under the Capital Markets and Services Act 2007, to carry out dealing in securities (restricted to Unit Trust products) and is approved by the Federation of Investment Managers Malaysia (FIMM) as an Institutional Unit Trust Adviser (IUTA) and Institutional Private Retirement Scheme Adviser (IPRA) to distribute third party Unit Trust funds and Private Retirements Schemes (PRS).

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