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Why Do I Register Myself As An Agent For Phillip Mutual?

Why Do I Register Myself As An Agent For Phillip Mutual?

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Financial services industry is a huge market. We can meet all sorts of people representing the industry, some are sales consultants from banks, some are sales agents from the insurance and takaful agencies, some are consultants from the unit trust management companies, some are the estate planners (will writing and related etc), some others are registered financial planners and advisers, some are the licensed (and unlicensed) brokers and the regulators.

Back to the topic of this post… Why Do I Register Myself As An Agent/Consultant For Phillip Mutual?

1. My number one and important reason is because I myself is an investor. Please do read this post to know the reasons on why I choose to invest in Unit Trust via Phillip Mutual Berhad. I would like to give the same opportunities that I have as an investor to all my family members, friends and future clients.

2. “Phillip Mutual Berhad is a Unit Trust Fund House and is licensed by the SC under the Capital Markets and Services Act 2007, to carry out dealing in securities (restricted to Unit Trust products) and is approved by the Federation of Investment Managers Malaysia (FIMM) as an Institutional Unit Trust Adviser (IUTA) and Institutional Private Retirement Scheme Adviser (IPRA) to distribute third party Unit Trust funds and Private Retirements Schemes (PRS).” – based on this statement alone, I know that I have the opportunity to access funds that are managed by various experienced fund managers, not just one team of fund manager.

3. With Phillip Mutual Berhad’s IUTA license, I can leverage to help build my own and my clients’ investment portfolio to be truly diversified into various asset classes, tapping to only the best of what being offered in the market.

4. Just like any other Unit Trust Management Companies (UTMC), the commissions that the agents are getting are based on upfront charges made on all new or top-up investments. There is also a very very small percentage of payout made to agents based on the sales brought for the UTMCs, called the trailer commission. This is the passive income for the unit trust agents; the more sales we bring in, the more income we’ll have.

5. Phillip Mutual Berhad follows the same regulation imposed to other UTMCs, the agents need to complete 16 CPD (Continuing Professional Development) hours every year. We do not have to complete 16 x no of partners’ training hours in order to maintain the required hours. And the best part, the training sessions are conducted FREE OF CHARGE. We get to opt to follow the in-house training sessions or attend the market outlook talks given by experts and representatives from various fund houses (UTMCs).

6. FAME (Financial Access Made Easy) system is the system that Phillip Mutual agents and clients can access to monitor investments. Since it is a web portal, users of the system can access the system anywhere anytime as long as there’s Internet connection. With the FAME system, both agents and clients can view the investment performance for that day, get latest announcements from Phillip Mutual and it’s partners, perform cash investment top-ups, manage online fund switching and few more other features.

7. Trip contests are given annually to sales achievers. The requirements to achieve the sales target are also quite low as compared to other UTMCs in the market.

8. One unique facility that Phillip Mutual offers is the EUnitTrust portal. With EUnitTrust, potential cash investors can easily register and be our client. Just follow the instructions given in the portal and you start earning trailer commissions from any investments made by the new signups.

Talk to me to find out how to become a Unit Trust Agent / Unit Trust Consultant with Phillip Mutual Berhad. The agency that I am with is quite active with weekly fun activities to help grow our business.

Book an appointment with me via Telegram or Whatsapp at 012-2072401 or just message me by clicking the Facebook button on this page. No, I am not an active WeChat user 😉

I encourage those who have passion in building passive income as a part-time or full-time career to join my team. Those who are not from the financial services industry and love legit & regulated investments as a tool to make more money, you are also welcome to join my team. Flexible working hours and you decide how much you want to make a month. No fixed salary and commission-based career. To existing insurance and/or takaful agents, do talk to me and find out how this career can help your existing business.


P/S Just be careful with the money scheme operators and unlicensed brokers because they are not regulated. Registered agents or sales consultants normally passed their exam papers and they will have authority cards issued by the regulators. Do check the regulators’ websites. For insurance, please do check with LIAM for life insurance, PIAM for general insurance, MTA for both family and general takaful, FIMM for unit trust and private retirement schemes, BNM for Financial Advisers and SC for Financial Planners. Do check also with the companies that they are representing.


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