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Why Learn and Master A New Language?

Why Learn and Master A New Language?

Generally, language is defined as a method of human communication, either written or spoken, consisting of the use of words in a structured and conventional way – Google Definition

In Computing, language can be defined as a system of symbols and rules for writing programs or algorithms – Google Definition

In this post, I am going to write one infamous story that I used to tell to my students (training program participants when I conduct programming language lessons) on why we should learn a new language.


Once upon a time ….

In a not so distant location somewhere in KL. There is this one cat family – the cat father, the cat mother and two kittens.

One day, the kittens were playing outside and a group of puppies came and bullied them. The cat father saw this incident and ran as fast as it could to save his kittens. The cat father arrived and straightaway barked at the puppies. And the puppies ran.

At the end … The cat family live happily ever after ….


a) Pick up a new language and you’ll be amazed at how far you can progress in life.

b) Cats and kittens meow. Dogs and puppies bark.


Those who can speak more than two languages are called multilinguals …

Those who can speak two languages are called bilinguals ….

Those who can only speak one language is called … you know the answer … go search the web …


Most of the successful business/sales/marketing persons that I met, are able to speak fluently or semi-fluently in 2 or more languages. Even for software programmers, those who can understand and write software in more than 2 languages can also go far within their industry.

SO ….. master a new language today!

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